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There are a few factors that help a page rise in the Google results rankings. Everything that helps engines rank our page high in organic search results is called SEO.

For a case scenario, let's say the page we're interested in optimizing is about apartments in Kissamos.

Step 1ο: Key-word

How do keywords work?
They are the words that the user is most likely to search for to find you. And of course these words should be on your website!
For example, “apartments kissamos”, “hotel kissamos”, “hotel chania”, “vacation chania” and many others.
You have posted some information on the internet in various places, stating that you are a business with "apartments" in the location "Kissamos". These points can be, the content of your website, the Maps on Google, the Google My Business and other platforms. ideally, these are all interconnected.
Let's say that someone searches for the term "kissamo apartments" or "apartments in kissamos". It is very likely your own page appears in the first results (this always depends on the competition).

At first, we decide which keyword we will use. To do this, we need to think about what the user will type into the Google search bar when searching for a business like yours.

The best way to find some usage statistics for the keyword we are interested in is to Google Keyword Planner. There one can see some Google tips for similar searches.

So take some time to see which keyword serves your business best and is used the most by users. After choosing the ideal one, you can optimize your website!

Step 2ο: Page title

One of the most basic steps of a good SEO

What better than to use the keyword in the title of the page?
Titles and headings go a long way in helping with awareness
, as they stand out and the user can immediately identify if your page matches what they are looking for.

So ideally, the title could be used:
"Apartments Kissamos | The Name of My Apartments"

In general, beyond the general title of the page, it is important headings and titles are relevant to our topic. Thus, you help Google to recognize the content of our page more easily and to display it in a higher ranking in its results.

Step 3ο: The content of the page

Most important for readability is the page text must be at least 300 words. For SEO, this is the ideal number of words a page should contain, and it is important to use the keyword within the text this.

Try to use simple and natural speech, in short sentences, describing your specialty, features and any information you have about your business. Divide your text into topic paragraphs with headings to help the user easily find what they want. Use bold text so you can get his attention where it's needed.

Step 4ο: photos

Use photos. Add descriptions and alt texts to your website photos and help search engines better understand your content. Having photos on your page can significantly help your website's SEO.

Step 5ο: Social media

Help your users find you elsewhere on the web. Link your website to other platforms so users can share your page content. This signals to Google that your website contains useful content and that your social media page has many active real users-followers.

Step 6ο: Inbound & outbound links

Aka internal and external links. The first ones are basically navigation points within your website, which make the user interact with more of your content in different parts of it. The latter are links within the page that lead to other websites that are directly related to ours.
(ATTENTION: they should not be used in places that attract and distract the user from your own content and push him to leave your website)

Step 7ο: Modernization – Responsiveness – Speed

The trinity of a website's success.

The modern design it is necessary to make the user feel that he has visited a modern and up-to-date website that is fully active.

The responsiveness or else screen resolution adjustment of a website it is a necessary factor for its high ranking by Google. The search engine can recognize if a web page has made adjustments to display it for different screen resolutions, such as tablet and smartphones and mark it as friendly to all devices.

A properly structured and developed website ensures a fast speed when loading it and takes the first step towards a good user experience.

Start today!

Help your business become even more known and trusted in the internet market through a good SEO! There are tons of FREE options out there to help promote your online presence and you should take advantage of them!

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