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How to write a successful article for your blog

The copywriting process can vary depending on the project, but in any case it involves some basic steps. Below is the standard process to follow to write a successful article: Scroll down to our article on what exactly copywriting is and why it is useful to all websites: [...]

How important is copywriting for a website?

Let's start with the basics of this skill that is now used EVERYWHERE!! What is copywriting? Copywriting is the art and science of creating persuasive and engaging written content for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Copywriters are skilled in using words to capture and influence readers, with [...]

How important are articles for a website in relation to SEO?

Articles are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google ranking. Search engines like Google reward websites that provide quality, rich and up-to-date content. Your articles can help improve your website's SEO if they provide information useful to users, are written with quality and [...]

What is "www." on websites? What should you look out for?

The "www" in a website refers to the common name for the subset of the Domain Name System (DNS) used to refer to websites on the World Wide Web. Originally, "www" was used to indicate that a particular address was a server that hosted web pages and to differentiate web pages from [...]

What is metadata and how it affects S.E.O. in 2023

What is metadata on a web page and how does it affect the S.E.O. and the page's search engine ranking? Metadata on a web page refers to the information provided in the page's code that helps search engines understand the content of the web page. This metadata mainly includes the title of the page, the [...]

9 ways to increase direct bookings on your accommodation website

How can you increase direct bookings on your website?, direct hotel booking

How can you increase direct bookings on your accommodation website? Those who are entrepreneurs in the tourism industry and specifically own hotels or rental accommodation know well how important it is to make the majority of their bookings from their official website. Booking platforms such as, Expedia, Trivago and other similar websites [...]

4 simple steps to improve your Google ranking | SEO 2020

how to improve my google ranking, higher ranking, higher ranking in google results

If you're wondering "How to climb Google rankings", here's the answer to what you need to do to get there. Just follow the steps faithfully! As we mentioned in a previous article, Google takes into account some factors to determine the ranking of pages in its indexes. And if one [...]

How do I get my page high on Google? | SEO

seo websites search engine optimization

There are some factors that help a page to climb up the Google results rankings. Everything that helps the engines to rank our page high in the organic search results is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Step 1: [...]