Website construction: How to get started in 3 steps

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Building a website for a business (whether small or large) plays a crucial role in its interaction with thousands of users who are potential customers.

You may wonder what it takes to design a business website? Does it seem like a mountain and you don't know where to start? How much does a quality website cost?

Read more the first 3 steps you need to know about site building:


In order to start the website design, some information about your business is necessary. Such information is:

  1. A brief description of the business.
  2. Why a customer would choose you over your competitors.
  3. Some Products or Services that you want to include on your site.

The more correct information you provide about your business, the better and stronger your online presence will be against your competitors.


Whether you are just starting your business or have been in the business industry for years, it is important to have a modern and distinctive logo as it is the first and most important image of your business.

In essence, your business needs to create a strong BRAND that will set you apart from your competitors. This of course doesn't happen in an instant, but to get started the first step is logo design from an experienced graphic designer to a strong creative agency - like DigitalPro!

The logo and other details of your brand will provide basic guidelines for the web design of your website. Of course, the website is part of your branding and reinforces your brand in multiple ways.


The popular saying "You get what you pay for" is not a lie.

Domain and hosting costs

Initially, building a website requires some expenses such as the purchase of your domain name ( the site address - the main url ). Another expense is the web hosting package (Web Hosting), that is the server that hosts your website in the online world.  

  • Typical domain cost can be 25€ for 2 years renewal of a .gr domain
  • Hosting costs can range from 50€-100€/year for a simple website.

Web Design & Website Construction Costs

At the same time, don't forget how important the image of your website is. The professionals who will undertake to carry out the website design know the rules to apply so that your website is user-friendly on all devices to achieve the best result whether it is the promotion of your business and your services or the sale of your products. Invest in website design and it will reward you.

Why avoid manufacturers who charge the bare minimum?

With a very small budget there will definitely be shortcomings in the design and the setup of your website. So to avoid problems, you need to make sure that your new website will have at least:

  • Correct display on mobile phones or tablets or computers. That is, your page must be displayed correctly on any device (Responsive design).
  • A unique design that fits your brand. Request custom design and not some ready-made template/theme from those that are available on the internet. You don't want to have the same page as your competitors.
  • Proofread texts, not copy-paste from other websites
  • Registration of a website map (xml sitemap) in Google Search Console
  • Setting up Google Analytics statistics
  • Privacy policy page
  • Cookie settings
  • Separate contact page - Contact form, with protection against malicious bots and with the option to accept the GDPR privacy policy

The above are the absolute basics!

In addition you can ask the manufacturer of your website to give you a financial offer for:

  • Integration of an email newsletter list subscription system
  • Advanced communication forms
  • Onpage S.E.O. for higher Google ranking and general optimization of Google Web Vitals (Pagespeed performance, Accesibility, Best Practices and S.E.O.)
  • Blog system integration to upload your news, announcements and articles
  • Chat system integration - viber, whatsapp, messenger
  • Portfolio page with your work
  • Multiple languages
  • Integration of a feed from your social media account e.g. Instagram

And a lot of buts, accordingly their Objectives you and your Budget you want to spare!

So ask for a financial offer and set your budget.

You are ready!

The above are the basic steps to start building your business website.

If you want to learn more about site construction or ask us for a quote please fill out the our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

In 2024 it is undeniable that the online presence of your business is absolutely necessary and highly important.

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