Google Ads

Website promotion without Google Ads is not possible!

That is, it is done, but the most effective way and a substantial promotion is with paid Google ads. These ads are done in the form of a campaign, that is, you choose what you want to advertise, to whom, for how much and with which search terms to show you in the results. From day one you will see your traffic skyrocket.

Google brought you the prospective customers to your page but from there the user experience on your page will play an important role. If they like it they stay, if they don't like it they leave.

What are Google Ads?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technical process that allows websites to rank high in the results of search engines such as Google. At a time when online search is the main way of finding information, the SEO is essential for increasing your visibility, increasing your website traffic and growing your business.

Charge per click

In Google Ads, you're only charged when people click on your ad in the search results. So you can optimise your ad to determine which keywords you want your ad to appear or not appear for, so you can control costs.

View the first results

The ranking of your page will go up in relation to its ranking in the organic results. This of course depends on the competition, the strength of the advertisement, i.e. how relevant it is to what the user is looking for, and other factors.

Our digital agency undertakes the promotion of your website on Google

Together we will formulate the right advertising strategy for your business on Google. We also keep you updated on stats and costs on a regular basis, so you'll be aware of your performance.

Wondering which is the ideal solution for you?

We are here for you to suggest the ideal solution for your business and its online presence at the best price. For more information contact us today!