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The presence of a business on the internet is essential today. Now, your prospective customers will prefer to search for your website on the internet in order to have a better and immediate information about what services or products you provide, their prices and availability.

For this reason, at digitalpro.gr we undertake website design and development providing modern and up to date services, based on the needs of your business. Come and discuss your idea and propose solutions that will help not only you, but also your customers!

Presentation page

Presentation page

A page where you will present your services, your ideas, your products and the user will be able to see them in detail. The difference with the eshop is how the customer cannot buy the products and carry out a monetary transaction within the website. 

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Online store (eshop)

Online store (eshop)

An online store has some additional features. In an eshop the users can see the products in catalog style, with price, photos, "Add to favorites" and "Add to cart". Then, if they wish, they can make their purchase.

I am interested in an eshop

What is included in building a presentation website?

web design

Modern website design & construction which will follow the trends in web design but at the same time will be user-friendly and fully functional.

responsive design

Today, the construction of websites requires the correct appearance and adaptation to all devices. That is why responsive design comes to ensure consistency in the appearance of your website on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

SEO optimization

We use the right keywords and optimize the main content of your website so that people can find you more easily when they search for something related to your business.


Overview of traffic data and user navigation on your page, to optimize content or its structure, depending on user preferences.


Photos of your business or your products, so that users can form a more comprehensive view, thus proceeding to a possible purchase of your products/services.


Integrated programs such as backup capability, SSL Https content, Firewall Malware protection, Google invisible recaptca are always installed by digitalpro.gr in the construction of websites for complete security of your page and all its data.

off-page SEO

Connecting to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but also review and booking platforms such as Google MyBusiness, Tripadvisor, Booking.

Google Maps

Interactive maps that will show with absolute precision the location of your business and all the points of interest of your user / prospective client.

To create a complete digital presence and promotion choose also:

Brand identity

Design or redesign of brand identity and logo which will represent and give more power to the professional presence of your business, as it can also be used in any advertising and marketing media.


Automatic translation from Google Translate is not always correct. The display of syntactically and grammatically correct content is very important for the correct understanding of your content by users when your website has language switch option..

Keywords research

We search for you the right words/keyphrases that the audience you want to reach is looking for. We apply the optimization to the entire website and as a result you will have a gradual increase in traffic and conversions on your website as well as an improvement in your ranking in the Google results!


We undertake the promotion of your website or eshop, creating paid advertisements for Google (Google Ads) and for social media, Facebook (Facebook Ads), Instagram (Instagram Ads) as well as newsletter campaigns so you can always stay in touch and inform your audience.

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