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Google Maps has become an integral part of every business's digital presence. From finding a business's local store to providing important information such as contact details and opening hours. Therefore, it is important for every business to understand how to use this tool and what elements affect their ranking on Google Maps.

Create Gmail or use a gmail you already have

Before we start the process of registering our business, it is necessary to create a Gmail account. This account will be the principal holder and will be used for Management of entry us. Once the verification process is complete, we will be able to add more administrators to our account.

How do I register my business?

Registering a business on Google My Business is a relatively simple process, First, the business needs to sign in to their account or create a new GMB account. Then, the business will need to enter basic information:

  • Address
  • Ways of Communication
  • Hours of operation
  • Type of Business (Restaurant, Retail, Office, Medical, Accommodation..... )
  • Services/ Products
  • Photos (of products, services and space).

Why is my business pin not showing?

Initially, not all businesses are shown on the maps unless you enter a relevant search query. That is, if you just zoom in on the maps it is not necessary that your registered business will appear.

There are several reasons why the pin of a business may not appearing on Google Maps:

  • Incorrect Google My Business (GMB) entry: the most common cause is incorrect or incomplete entry of your business information in Google My Business. If the information is not accurate and up-to-date, your business may not be listed.
  • Reviews that violate the Terms of Use: Having reviews that violate the platform's terms of use may affect the appearance of your business.
  • Report on Dangerous Activities: If your business is listed for dangerous or illegal activities, it may not appear on Google Maps.

What affects the ranking on the maps;

The ranking of a business on Google Maps is influenced by many factors. Some of them include the overall assessment of the business by the users, the Frequency and the consistency of the reviews, the correct entry of information in the GMB and the categories of the enterprise.


In general, a successful profile, has a lot of hits, a lot of clicks on maps and most importantly, many reviews.

  • Reviews are the most important factor that shows credibility, and that there are people who not only visit your business, but also have something to say about it.
  • Reviews are what will make people trust you and choose your business over a competitor with fewer or worse reviews.
  • Respond politely to all reviews you receive, whether positive or negative, showing consideration for your customers' experience.


The accuracy of your profile information also plays an important role in your credibility. That is, having up-to-date phone numbers, website and opening hours, as well as your facilities for more specific situations, such as whether you provide accessibility for people with disabilities and more.

Create a short presentation of the services.

The aim is to describe your services using keywords that correspond to your industry and to whom you want to address (locals or foreigners?). This helps your business to be better found in search results.

Add high quality photos and videos

Photos can showcase your space, the products or services you offer and the atmosphere of your business, while videos can provide a more dynamic image of your business and capture the interest of customers. A good strategy is to include a variety of photos, such as interior and exterior images, product or service photos, and customer photos that capture their experience at your business.

In addition, the accuracy and consistency of information about the business on different platforms affects the ranking.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Adding a FAQ section to your Google My Business profile is a great way to provide additional information to your customers, help serve them, and make your business more engaging.

  • Record the questions your customers often ask about your business, services or products you offer.
  • Create clear and informative answers to these questions. Make sure the answers are complete and cover all aspects of the topic.
  • Over time, your customers' questions may change. Update your FAQs and answers as your business changes or new questions from your customers arise.

Keep your profile up to date

Keeping your Google My Business profile up to date will help you stay visible and attractive to your customers online.

  • Make regular posts about news, events, promotions, products or services you offer. This shows your customers that your business is active and up to date.
  • Make sure your contact information is correct, including your phone number, email address and business website.
  • Make sure your business hours are up to date and accurate. If there are any changes to the opening hours due to holidays or bank holidays, please inform them immediately.

It is worth stressing

Google Maps is a powerful tool for promoting a business online and increasing its visibility locally. Through Google My Business, businesses can manage their information and optimise their ranking on Google Maps. Correctly entering information, maintaining accuracy and responding to reviews are critical to successfully presenting a business on Google Maps.

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