Why do emails go to spam? How to deal with it.

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The spam email remain a difficult issue for many users and businesses, as they disrupt the flow of incoming messages and can be ignored or deleted without even being read. However, there are some steps we can take to reduce the chances of this happening.

Let's look at some tips that can help:

High quality content

A Good and quality content is key to avoid ending up in the spam folder. Make sure your emails contain information that is useful and interesting to recipients.

Avoid bulk shipments

The sending a large number of emails can be interpreted as spam from some servers. Try to focus on personalized and targeted shipments.


Add to the contact list

Encourage recipients to add your address to their contact list them or to confirm that your emails are NOT spam.

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Unwanted words or phrases

Some words or phrases can be interpreted as spam by the filters. Try to avoid using such words in your emails.

  • "register for free today"
  • "win money" or "get a discount"
  • "Action required"
  • "Billionaire"
  • "Pay at the link below"
  • "Login" risk of username/password interception
  • or in general if there is prompt for payment, the system will try to protect us by marking the email as spam

Content and Links

The use of short and vague phrases, as well as the presence of suspicious links or images in your emails, may cause spam filters to move your messages to the spam folder.

Try not to have more than 1 hyperlink in your email unless absolutely necessary.


Supporting Information

The email information, such as the title topic and the sender's address, the attached files can also affect the way emails are sorted by spam filters.

Excessive use of capital letters

Spammers often use capital letters to attract the attention of recipients or to emphasise certain words or phrases.

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Email checking tools (for the possibility of being classified as spam)

Email scanning tools are software that scan the content of an email message.

In this way you may be able to identify content or items that may trigger the spam shield. You then have the option to make changes and recheck the content of your message.

The following websites, for example, have tools (systems) that will check the email you send.



Of course these tools do not give 100% correct results, since this is impossible to happen. There are specifics based on the recipient, the email program (client e.g. outlook, gmail, etc.) and the language (e.g. Greek, English)

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