Corporate identity and logo

Enhance the image & awareness of your business

Corporate identity, what is it?

The key part of your business identity is your logo.
That is your trademark. It is what will make your business recognizable and competitive. 

Its design must be done carefully, with a detailed study of your object and the audience you are addressing to. It may seem simple, but it is something that should manage to communicate your character and credibility.
At digitalpro we can design your overall brand identity. Logo design, business card design, gift cards, stationery such as letterheads, pens, envelopes and promotional material such as brochures, key chains, stickers, mugs and anything else you need!

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What do you need?


The most important element of your identity. The image that will make you recognizable and give prestige to the image of your business. Trust professionals to build it so you can have one a result that will be representative, timeless, creative and unique!

Color palette

Do you want to start with an idea but don't know which colors express you the most?
Together we will decide which color combination is ideal for your brand!
Each color communicates different emotions, so the colors you will use in your corporate identity & website play a primary role!


Your business card is a small piece of paper with enormous communication power.
Take advantage of it by providing your customers with a cutting-edge design that will represent you in 100% and contain all the information your customers need.

Stationery & advertising

We can design for you stationery, brochures, bags, pens, mugs, key chains, stickers and everything else you need! We design them for you and give you the best offer for their construction from our partners or yours.

Invest in your image!

Don't neglect the image of your business! Take advantage of the power of image and marketing and gain credibility and recognition. A timeless and unique image will communicate your services or products effectively and increase engagement with your customers!

Start today!

The best time to start creating a professional identity is now! Give the image that fits and powerfully represents your business.