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The creation of a simple website by high traffic is an important goal for many businesses and professionals looking to expand their online presence and bring customers to their website.

At DigitalPro Web & Marketing in Chania, we understand the importance of this goal and offer the following tips to help you build a website that will attract many visitors.

Let's see 5 important steps for a successful outcome:

1) Define your goals

Before you start the process of building the website, you must clearly define your objectives. What exactly do you want to achieve with your website?

  • Want more customers?
  • Do you want to increase the value of your services?
  • Want to boost the credibility of your business?
  • Do you want your Brand to become more recognizable?
  • Do you want to stay competitive?

If you have another goal, then it is important to write it down so that you do not deviate from achieving it. It may sound simple, but it is a very crucial step to get the results you want.

2) Understand your target audience

It is important to understand the target audience you want to reach with your website. Who are the potential visitors to your website and what are their needs and interests?

Remember, the public and their needs already exist.

Your website should satisfy your existing audience and their needs. Don't try to create new needs yourself because your task is likely to become really difficult. Your website should be customized according to the needs of the audience and not the other way around.

3) Design a simple, functional plan

The design of the website should be simple and easy to read. Use a few colours and a clean font. Choose a structure that is readable and easy to understand by your audience.

It is important to understand that the user is used to some UI design patterns when browsing the internet. Don't try to prototype unless you are well aware of what you are doing and the dangers of applying unknown/original patterns.

  • Prefer classic horizontal menu at the top of the page
  • Do not overload the page with long texts.
  • Paragraphs should have headings
  • The modules must have titles

4) Focus on content

Content is the key to traffic. Create content that is Useful, Interest and Related with the theme of your website. Refresh the content frequently, add new articles and updates to keep visitors interested.

  • Make quality content
  • Quality over quantity
  • Add photos and images that don't exist elsewhere on the internet.
  • A new article a week requires little time from you while offering multiple benefits.

5) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is important for your website to be in the top positions of search results. This can contribute significantly to increasing traffic.

Focus on 4 areas to get your page higher on Google and get more organic visitors:

  1. Quality and information Table of contents
  2. Ease of navigation User
  3. Loading speed website on mobile phones
  4. Links to your website, from other pages, social media and platforms.

We are here to help you

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By building a simple, high-traffic website, you can create a strong online presence and get more people to discover your products or services. If you need further help or professional advice on building and promoting your website, contact us at DigitalPro Web & Marketing in Chania. We are here to help you succeed in the digital world.

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