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4 reasons why your website users don't buy (+4 Bonus Tips)

Your website is getting a lot of traffic, but you're not selling as much as you'd like. Why is this happening? There are several reasons why your visitors leave a website before conversion, i.e. purchase. 1. The call-to-action is hidden The attention span of users online is very short, specifically lasting only a few seconds. If [...]

The Role of Web Design

In a world of information overload, the first impression a website creates is the key foundation for success. On the endless digital highway, the role of web design is paramount, as it is the first point of contact with the visitor. From the initial design to the last detail, web design shapes the feel, the experience [...]

Construction of a simple website with high traffic

Creating a simple website with high traffic is an important goal for many businesses and professionals looking to expand their online presence and bring customers to their website. At DigitalPro Web & Marketing in Chania, we understand the importance of this goal and offer the following tips to help you [...]

How important is copywriting for a website?

Let's start with the basics of this skill that is now used EVERYWHERE!! What is copywriting? Copywriting is the art and science of creating persuasive and engaging written content for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Copywriters are skilled in using words to capture and influence readers, with [...]

9 ways to increase direct bookings on your accommodation website

How can you increase direct bookings on your website?, direct hotel booking

How can you increase direct bookings on your accommodation website? Those who are entrepreneurs in the tourism industry and specifically own hotels or rental accommodation know well how important it is to make the majority of their bookings from their official website. Booking platforms such as, Expedia, Trivago and other similar websites [...]

Website redesign: 5 things to think about before redesigning your website

website redesign

The technology is running. Web trends are constantly renewed. Users are becoming more and more demanding. Have you noticed a decline in your website traffic, low conversions and very low engagement? Do you need a website redesign? Here's how to see if it's time to revamp your online presence. 1.

Single page VS. multi-page website

single page website vs multi-page website

Deciding between designing a single page website and a multi-page website can be a difficult decision. With the increasing use of mobile and social media, simple, fast and responsive single pages are among the most popular trends on the web. On the other hand, multi-page websites, with navigation menus and the ability to switch from [...]

7 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Website

As a business, you should have a website because the market now demands it. Customers regularly consult the internet before buying products and services. A website enables you to market your products to a wider market as well as become more competitive. A modern website, shows a modern business! Your business, your company, [...]