e-live: Is the new NSRF programme grant worth it?

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What exactly is the e-livian programme?

The Action aims to provide grants to SMEs in the retail sector for the development/upgrade and management of their e-shop in order to support their operation during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), to enhance the degree of integration of digital technology, as well as their digital transformation and to avoid overcrowding indoors.

Who is it for?

This program is addressed to those who want to provide a substantial boost to their business by creating a functional and properly structured online presence, i.e. an eshop. Who will be keen to engage with the new look of their store, who will go through the process of updating their products and try to boost traffic just as they would in their physical store.

Budget of the Action

EUR 80 million for all the regions of the country

The Action is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and national resources.

Beneficiaries of the Action

Medium, small and micro enterprises operating in the retail trade sector that have a physical store in a separate place from their home, regardless of their legal form, that operate legally in the country and have registered with the competent tax office.

Businesses are divided into:

  • Existing, if they have been set up by 30/09/2019.
  • Newly created, if they have been established from 01/10/2019 until the date of the call for proposals.


  • Until 5.000 euros to each enterprise with a distinct VAT number for the acquisition of IT equipment and the implementation of intangible actions (software/services) in order to Development and e-shop management.
  • Until 1.500 euros on upgrade e-shop if the business already had it before 18/3/2020.

Basic Conditions of Participation

Businesses should, inter alia, meet the following basic conditions:

  • be active in retail (CN code 47 and its detailed description as described in Annex X) or as main activity, at the head office or at the branch, either as activity with the highest revenue.
  • maintain a Physical Retail Store, in a separate area from their home, i.e. a commercial area that welcomes and serves customers.
  • their operation has been suspended for at least one day from Wednesday 18 March 2020 onwards.
  • The existing  companies to have a decrease of at least 20% in their turnover in the 4th quarter of the year 2020 compared to the corresponding quarter of the year 2019. For newly established the reduction will be considered 100% in their turnover.

Eligible expenditure

IT equipment (only for new online shops and up to 30% of the budget)

  • Servers (servers) for hosting applications - software required for the creation/upgrade and operation of the e-shop, with its accompanying components (keyboards, screen, etc.) and the required operating system. Acquisition in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) is also allowed. In the case of acquisition in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), the eligible costs are for one year.
  • Computers (Desktop/Laptop).
  • Other technological equipment related to the creation/upgrade and operation of the e-shop (e.g. Network equipment, Bar code readers, printers, etc.). Expenditure on the purchase of tablets, mobile telephony devices and televisions is not eligible.


  • Design, development and management services of e-shop - it will operate in 2 languages, as well as in a mobile device environment - mobile responsive or dedicated mobile version and will incorporate ordering (cart), warehouse (quantity of items) and secure electronic payments (redirect to banking environment).
  • The purchase of software in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) is also eligible expenditure if it is necessary for the operation of the e-shop. In the case of acquisition in the form of Software as a Service (SAAS), the eligible cost is the cost for one year.
  • Development and/or certification of a digital security policy.

The costs are eligible from the 18 March 2020 and then.

Online Submission Start Date: 22/02/2021 and time 13:00

Online Submission Deadline: 24/03/2021 and time 15:00.

How likely are you to receive the grant?

The criterion is the percentage of revenue loss in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. So, the greater the reduction in turnover, the more likely your application will be approved.

How long will you receive the grant money?

There are stories of grants that were delayed for two years or more.
However, all the NSRF programmes over the last three years have not taken more than three months to deliver the money.
In some cases it is a month. So logically, the payment period will be between one and three months.

How much will you earn if you get an online store?

If we take into account that 70% of Americans shop online and 14% of all purchases on the planet are made through online stores and the way younger generations shop, especially during the pandemic, we see that it is imperative that retail stores have an online presence. The online stores that were created during the pandemic have already reached the point of making 1000+ orders per month. Now, assuming that the physical stores of these businesses remained closed, you can see how much benefit they got from having an eshop.

Is it finally worth it to get the e-live grant?

Programs that give 100% grants don't come along every day. Now, in one of the toughest times for retail, is your chance to take advantage and create another sales channel in the most popular space. The internet.

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