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4 reasons why your website users don't buy (+4 Bonus Tips)

Your website is getting a lot of traffic, but you're not selling as much as you'd like. Why is this happening? There are several reasons why your visitors leave a website before conversion, i.e. purchase. 1. The call-to-action is hidden The attention span of users online is very short, specifically lasting only a few seconds. If [...]

e-live: Applications for the second cycle of the action start on 9 July

PRESS RELEASE The submission of applications for the second cycle of the EPANEK action "e-liviculture" starts on 9 July 2021. With the aim of providing grants to more SMEs for the creation or upgrade of their e-shop, the submission of applications for the second cycle of the e-grocery action "e-retail" starts on 9 July 2021. Following [...]

e-live: Is the new NSRF programme grant worth it?

e-retailer NSRF grant for the creation of an e-shop/electronic store

What exactly is the e-livian programme? The Action aims to provide grants to SMEs in the retail sector for the development/upgrade and management of their e-shop in order to support their operation during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), to enhance the degree of integration of digital technology, as well as their digital transformation and [...]

How the "lockdown" boosted online shopping

With stores closed and citizens confined to their homes, the lockdown was bound to turn attention to online stores as the only option for those who wanted to do their shopping.This resulted in more and more businesses acquiring eshops during the quarantine period. So they continued and continue to operate, [...]

QR MENU: Much More Than A Simple Menu!

responsive interactive qr menu online contactless qr menu for restaurants and cafes

Catering is one of the sectors that have been hit very hard by the pandemic and still have to make sure they comply with dozens of health directives every day. Technology here comes to the aid of these businesses with a plethora of contactless technologies; the simplest and most widespread of these is the QR MENU. That is a QR CODE [...]

Skroutz & BestPrice | How will they boost your eshop?

Skroutz & BestPrice - How to boost your eshop

"I bought it on the internet!"One of the most common answers we hear in recent years when we ask someone where they bought a product. So there must be a reason why more and more consumers are choosing to shop online. The question is how they find the products they are interested in and how they compare prices [...]

January 28 | European Data Protection Day

European Day of Personal Data Protection

Since 2006, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has established 28 January as European Data Protection Day. The celebration of this day aims to raise awareness and inform citizens on issues related to the protection of their personal data. On this date, governments, parliaments, national data protection [...]