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You have just proceeded to set up a Private Equity Company (PE).
You should be aware that the construction of a website is mandatory and that you have one month to build it.

This website is required to be built to ensure the security of transactions and the protection of traders. The information that should be posted on your company's website is:

  • GEMI number
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration Number
  • Company capital
  • Company Managers
  • Date of the end of the first management period
  • KAUs (IKE activity code numbers)
  • Contact details
  • Financial statements, minutes, balance sheets, etc.

Do you want to get an ICE GEMI publicity data website today?

At Digitalpro we build for you an IKE GEMI website on the same day and economically!

What will the IKE website we will build for you have:

  • Responsive design for excellent functionality and appearance on all devices.
  • Domain name with the .gr, .com, .eu or any other preferred extension
  • Free hosting for 2 years (Gift of total value 186€!)
  • SSL certificate
  • Space for posting documents, minutes, balance sheets, etc.

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