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Web design & contruction

A website is now essential for every business. For this reason, at digitalpro you can efficiently and consistently get your own official website. Dynamically enter the internet marketing space with a prominent online presence which will meet all the requirements of safety, speed and modern design.

Together we will organize the idea and the goals in a timely and methodical way, and we will guarantee you the result!

Create your eshop

Businesses that have an online store, there is no doubt that they prevail since they enable their customers to make their purchases 24/7 all days of the year. 

It's time for you to take advantage of the possibilities offered by e-commerce. You will be able to show your products to thousands of customers, give them the option to buy them and pick them up at their place. So simple. 

So don't hesitate, take the most necessary step for your business and watch your sales skyrocket! We will be by your side in the construction and management of your eshop, giving you the support and advice you will need.

Offer: Eshop construction

only with 1000€

Website redesign

If you already have an official website but need a refresh, contact us.
We will take care of making your website even more modern, functional and properly structured in order to have a better appearance, speed, security and search engine ranking.


Search engine optimization is the correct listing of a website's content in internet search engines, i.e. Google.

We could say it is more important than even paid advertising. The correct structure of the content but also the quality content, are recognized by Google's algorithms and as a result we have the higher ranking in the results after a search. Without the right and well-structured content, you can spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns and promotions, without Google recognizing your website as a quality website that deserves to be ranked. 

We will find the right ones Keywords that your potential customer is looking for, so that we can use them in the content of your website. We will optimize the content of your page and we will register your sitemaps so that all the pages of your website are listed effectively.

This way your content will be relevant to the terms that users are searching for and your website will rise in the results!

Website promotion

Until a website gains recognition and reputation, it must ensure that it is promoted in the appropriate places on the internet in order to "strengthen" its online presence.

We we will research your online competition and we will propose solutions that will have real results.
Together we will decide what are the right places to advertise and what is the appropriate advertising frequency. So, with the right marketing strategy, we will achieve a great increase in the traffic of your page, meaning the amount of users that visit it, but also of conversions, i.e. the user reaches the final goal which can be, for example, the purchase of your service or your product.

social media marketing

Social media is one of the most important online advertising channels. Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are gaining more and more ground in the area of ​​promoting products and services. 

Together we will create or update your pages on the most popular social media and we will organize your advertising campaigns in the budget you want! Take advantage of the power and immediacy of social media and advertise in the most modern and effective ways!

Offer: Social media posts & stories

only with 59€/month

Website maintenance / migration

A website is a "living organism" that needs proper maintenance. In order to maintain its security as well as its proper functioning, a website needs the appropriate updates of its integrated programs as well as the appropriate modifications to its appearance to adapt to the data. 
Also, the fixed costs of hosting it and maintaining its name are something that should be tailored to your needs so that you don't spend a fortune for no reason.

We offer you the lowest possible costs for the maintenance costs of your page and we will find for you the appropriate hosting that will serve both your website and your budget

If you already have a website, but its maintenance costs seem high to you, you can contact us to give you a quote on how you can maintain your online presence without costing you a fortune!

Brand name & logo design

We design the logo and overall corporate identity for you that suits your business and will stand perfectly in any digital or printed composition. Based on your style and services, together we will create a brand name that will have character, will be recognizable and will give prestige to your services!

On request, we also design your business cards, letterheads, envelopes and brochures which you will probably need for an even more comprehensive promotion of your new corporate identity!

Photography of products & spaces

Beautiful photos play an important role in making a website look modern. Screen resolutions are now quite high, so it is important that photos are high resolution and properly lit to highlight their content. It's well known that, a professional photo inspires more trust and credibility!

We can photograph your space or your products upon request, so that we can present them perfectly on your website.


It's about the online presence of your directory. Your customers will scan the QR CODE you will provide them and they will immediately be taken to the page where your business menu will be posted!

Due to the coronavirus, many businesses have turned to alternative ways of serving their customers in order to ensure the required security but at the same time to maintain practicality as much as possible.

The combination of technology and the use of smart devices and internet access by most of their customers, gave the ideal solution of the online QR catalog.

There will be the option to choose the language of the menu, a button to leave a review on Tripadvisor and a button to call directly!

The QR MENU will adapt to each client's device so that it looks perfect on any resolution from tablet to smartphone. You will be able to easily and quickly make changes to prices, products and anything else you need, without unnecessary reprinting costs and binding of your tangible catalogs.

The QR MENU because of contactless technology that it uses, contributes significantly to the safety and health protection of your customers, since the transmission of Covid-19 and other viruses through the catalogs is avoided.

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The best time to start building your website is now! Make the most of the online presence and modernize your business.