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Social media offer

Want to stand out on social media in 2024?

Give a professional image to your Facebook and Instagram pages!

We can create and publish professional and highly polished Facebook and Instagram posts for you. 

Forget about low-resolution images and their poor descriptions.

We create for you the most attractive and quality content that will impress your audience! We add images that grab attention and likes, and descriptions that motivate users to take action!

Harness the power of social media and take advantage of our unique offer!

What does it include?

8 publications/month



until 31/3/2024

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Social media offer 2 - Lite

Want a smaller publication package?

We offer you 2 additional options:

6 publications/month



until 31/3/2024

4 publications/month


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Don't have social media pages yet?

It is now vital to have updated social media pages. But if for some reason you don't have pages on Facebook & Instagram yet or if you already have but they are not updated, we can take care of creating your new pages or updating the pages you already have on Facebook & Instagram.

Social media setup

*prices do not include VAT