Business card design & printing with QR code offer

Why is it worth adding a QR code to your card?

QR codes in the year 2023 have conquered the ways we interact with print using our smart devices. With a simple "scan" we can visit a website, open an application or download a file.

Take advantage of this immediacy and use the QR code on your card to drive your visitors directly to your website, on your social media pages or wherever else you want.

You have an increase of visitors on your website.
You have a larger social media exposure of your business and therefore potential new followers!
Users can easily find your company on Google maps.

Business card design & printing with QR code offer



500 pieces print, double-sided Velvet paper, 350 grams, with matt or gloss lamination.

What does the offer include?

  1. Double sided business card design, with QR code which takes you to the website or social media or your business listing on Google maps.
  2. Recommended dimensions card size is 5.5cm * 8.5cm (horizontal or vertical)
  3. Printing of 500 double-sided pieces
  4. Paper Velvet, weight 350gr with matt or gloss lamination

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