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The Role of Web Design

In a world of information overload, the first impression a website creates is the key foundation for success. On the endless digital highway, the role of web design is paramount, as it is the first point of contact with the visitor. From the initial design to the last detail, web design shapes the feel, the experience [...]

Logo, what is it and what is its meaning

What is the logo? A logo, often referred to as a logo, is a visual representation or symbol that represents a brand, company, organization, product or individual. It is a distinctive mark that helps identify and differentiate the entity in the marketplace. A logo usually consists of a unique combination of typography, symbols, shapes and colours, designed [...]

Everything you need to know about Branding

Branding (or corporate identity or brand identity) refers to the process of creating a unique and distinctive identity for a product, service, company or individual. It involves the development of a set of tangible and intangible elements that differentiate and establish a strong presence in the minds of the target audience. At its core, branding is about [...]

Instagram Grid Layout

Let's talk about the organisation of publications! Why is it so important to have a pattern in our publications? The reasons are many! Maybe for a simple account it doesn't matter so much how the posts are presented as a whole, but for an influencer who uploads dozens of photos every day or for a business that [...]

Graphic Design #5 Tips for a successful logo

A well thought out logo design is the first action to be taken to enhance the image of a brand and the digital and physical presence of the business. A logo is the graphic imprint of a business. Simply put, it is the image of the business and what it stands for. The logo is expressed by [...]

Graphic Design: the importance of shapes in graphic design

Shapes are another important element in graphic design. Everything we design, cards, advertisements, websites we use shapes. We divide them into three categories: Geometric (such as the triangle, square and circle) Biomorphic (These shapes are found in nature such as leaves and trees) Abstract (These are shapes that do not have a defined [...]

Graphic Design #10 Rules that will make your design stand out!

Graphic Design is defined as "the art and practice of designing and projecting ideas and experiences with visual content and text". Simply put, graphic design communicates certain ideas or messages in a visual way. If we look around, graphic design is everywhere, from the wrapper of our favorite chocolate to the [...]