Graphic Design #5 Tips for a successful logo

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A well thought out logo design is the first action to be taken to enhance the image of a brand and the digital and physical presence of the business.

The logo is the graphical representation of a business. In simple words it is the image of the company and what she represents.

The logo is expressed by a graphic design (visual element), which can be a symbol, a name written in a particular style, or a combination of both.

#5 tips for a successful logo

Whichever way you choose to express your logo, you should pay special attention to the following:

1. To transmits the appropriate messages and emotions in accordance with the company's beliefs. When the logo manages to convey the appropriate sentiment for each business, then a communication channel has been opened between the owner of the logo/business and the observer/customer.

2. Be simple and easy to read. Have a strong, balanced image, without unnecessary elements. These are achieved with simple fonts and the use of carefully chosen colour combinations. In this way the logo can be easily recognized and memorized in the mind of the recipient.

3. Be original and special so as not to resemble another logo. The logo of any business should show the identity of the business and make its own mark in the business world.

4. Be able to used in different scales - dimensions for the various applications of visual identity. The logo is used in various printed and electronic formats of different sizes, so it must be displayed correctly in all sizes, whether large or small.

5. Design for the target audience. Know the audience and what they like and target them. Don't make the mistake of designing it for yourself.

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