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Logo & brand identity design offer



What is the logo design process?

Business study

Information about the business is received. What kind of business is it? What is their philosophy and needs? Are there any personal preferences?

Competition research

Then the image of the competitors is researched to find out what is preferred and what is rejected by the public, so that we have the ability to provide strong solutions that will win the customer's attention.

Logo design

When we have a complete picture of the business and the competition, we proceed to the process of designing unique logo proposals.

I am interested in the offer!

What we are going to do:

  1. We design for you 4 unique proposals from which you choose which one reflects the philosophy of your company.
  2. A detailed presentation of the color palette and the logo are delivered to dark and light mode (with dark and light background)
  3. We put an addition of the accompanying fonts that have been used in the logo, tagline, etc. so that they can be used in the future on websites, banners, posts, etc.
  4. We deliver you different formats and sizes for use on social media or on the website or in other applications. 

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Have questions about logo design?

We are here for you to advise you on what your new logo needs and to answer all your questions.