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Full e-commerce package

The presence of a business on the internet is essential in this day and age. Especially when we are talking about businesses that want not only to advertise, but also to sell their products or services online. By building an online store, an online presence of your business, you will be able to enable your customers to buy your products 24/7, 365 days a year easily and quickly!

For this reason, at digitalpro.gr we undertake eshop construction providing modern and up to date services, based on the needs of your business. Come and discuss your idea and propose solutions that will help not only you, but also your customers!


It is compatible with the "Digital Tools for SMEs" Programme and beneficiaries can cash their voucher through the purchase of this digital tool.



E-COMMERCE Level-UP includes

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The best time to start building your eshop is now! Make the most of the online presence and modernize your business.

Presentation page

Presentation page

A page where you will present your services, your ideas, your products and the user will be able to see them in detail. The difference with the eshop is how the customer cannot buy the products and carry out a monetary transaction within the website. 

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Online store (eshop)

Online store (eshop)

An online store has some additional features. In an eshop the users can see the products in catalog style, with price, photos, "Add to favorites" and "Add to cart". Then, if they wish, they can make their purchase.

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What is involved in building an eshop?

Ability to buy products

Customers who visit your eshop will be able to see your products and if they wish to add them to the cart and buy them with cash on delivery or with payment via bank deposit.

Offers and discounts

You will be able to add to a product category or some products an offer price, or apply a discount rate in the sale period. You have the ability to manage the prices of your products as you want!

web design

Modern eshop design & construction which will follow the trends in web design but at the same time will be user-friendly and fully functional.

responsive design

Your online store will display flawlessly and be fully functional on all devices. Always putting the user experience first, we create an easy to use environment in your online store.

To create a complete online store and promote its products, choose also:

Online payments

If you want to give even more options and modern payment methods to your customers, we can install in your online store an online payment system so your users can pay directly for the products they buy. No waiting, instantly and securely.

Special charges

Adjust your online store fees to your physical business data. Add special charges for sending parcels, cash on delivery charges and any other custom fees that may be necessary for the products you sell through your eshop.

Product variations

Do you want to sell a shirt that comes in sizes from XS-XXL, in white, black and grey, in cotton and silk? Present a product with many variations. If any of your products are available in a variety of colors, sizes or materials, the users will be able to choose the options that suit them and create the ideal combination!


Do you want to be able to present and sell your products worldwide? No problem! We can add more languages ​​in your eshop so that users from all over the world can understand your products or services and why not buy them!

Wondering which is the ideal solution for you?

We are here for you to suggest the ideal solution for your business and its online presence at the best price. For more information contact us today!